World-class Data Engineering with Amazon Redshift – Training

Our training classes cover strategies and best practices for designing a data platform using Amazon Redshift. The concepts we cover focus on cluster stability, engineering productivity and query / dashboard speeds. The sessions have hands-on demos and individual coaching, arming you with the right tools and knowledge critical to be more productive with your data. In addition you will connect with other data engineers who are facing the same data challenges as you.

Why this training?

When it comes to Redshift, there’s an elephant in the room. Everyone is struggling. Redshift is incredibly powerful, but if you’re a Data Engineer it can be painful to work with. Success is more guesswork than evidence-based, and you can spend a lot of time fighting fires. This training fixes that. The concepts of this training will help you get control of the platform, so you can spend more time being creative with your data.

What will I learn?

The class includes hands-on activities, for your own cluster, focused on teaching you how to process a massive volume of queries in short time, discover and prevent problems with your cluster and run blazing fast dashboards for your data consumers.

There is ample time during the class for questions and discussion. The training also includes:

  • pre-training briefing survey with each individual participant and
  • post-training Redshift support & WLM (workload management) advice for two weeks via Slack

Who are the instructors?

Paul Lappas, co-founder of and David Steinhoff, co-founder of ParAccel. Amazon AWS acquired the ParAccel technology as the foundation for Amazon Redshift.

Paul holds multiple patents for cloud computing and performance analytics. Paul has built big data platforms himself. And he’s probably best known for being on the AWS Customer Advisory Board during the launch of such AWS flagship products such as Redshift, Lambda and Kinesis.

Dave is one of the original creators of the technology behind Redshift. He was a founder and the Chief Architect at ParAccel. He loves to help move data faster. He’s the author of multiple patents on enhancing data throughput for data warehouses. He likes playing pool and inventing databases. In that order.

Note: The video starts at 5:43

Nikola Sokolov

Nikola Sokolov

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