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See into your data pipelines

The best companies in the world are driven by data. is a single dashboard to monitor mission-critical data flows.

The right tools to help you win

See everyone and everything that touches your data. Be the first to know about an emerging problem. No more guessing about what’s wrong or how to fix it.


Answer all your questions instantly with real-time data and spot problems before your users do.


Find bottlenecks and fine-tune throughput, memory and storage. Have confidence to scale your data volume.


Get a granular view of every user's behavior, detect troublesome queries and eliminate the fire fighting.

The only performance monitoring solution built from the ground up for data engineering teams
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Ship Data
Make sure data arrives on time and monitor key workflows to ensure they are meeting SLAs.
Save Time
Stop wasting time digging for answers while users starve for data and send angry Slack messages.
Reduce Cost
Eliminate waste and inefficient resource allocation across your infrastructure. Get the most out of your spend.
Get more done with a single view across your data assembly line
No more jumping between tools and scripts. combines visibility into ETL pipelines, workflow managers and BI dashboards in one place.
Make your data team more productive
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