No more slow Redshift.

Amazon Redshift is incredibly powerful. But if you're a data engineer, it can be painful to work with.
We're fixing that. So you can stop fighting fires and be more productive with your data.

A few of our customers whose data teams get to sleep at night

“Real performance analytics for Amazon Redshift, this is unfinished business for me.”

David Steinhoff
Redshift is incredibly powerful. It has your data crown jewels. The data you prepare keeps the business alive. And that’s a big responsibility.
But as usage goes up, the red lamps can start to flash. Queries hang, dashboards slow down to a crawl, or the cluster fills up.
If people can’t get access to their data, the business goes down. If your cluster goes offline, you destroy your reputation.
Get the right tools at your disposal so you can quickly put out fires and free up time to be more creative with your data.

Your success with Amazon Redshift is our business

High performing clusters. Fast dashboards. Smarter business decisions. Sounds great, but where do you start? We're here to help. Intermix is the missing piece of the Redshift puzzle. Once you’ve been freed up from fighting fires, you can start being creative with your data. That’s when things start to get exciting and you can secure your position as a valued member of the team.
“We’ve improved the resilience of our Redshift infrastructure. We cut query wait times for consumers of our data. And we’re not getting bogged down anymore by support requests - our engineers spend far less time on solving support cases.”
Brahm Singh
Director of Engineering, Postmates
“You’ve been able to answer all of our Redshift questions. You provide great and timely support, and your recommendations have consistently shown good results and have enhanced our understanding of what an optimized cluster looks like.”
Nathan Sullins
Principal SW Engineer, Udemy

Let’s get you the tools you need when you’re responsible for the data crown jewels

Even with the power of a large Redshift cluster, queries can still get slow. Chasing down each slow query is a major investment of your time, with uncertain results.

Start understanding where your data is stuck, so you can get it flowing again.
With business growth comes data growth. Making sense of thousands of varying data points takes a lot of time and resources. Sometimes it can feel like you’re outnumbered.

Get back in control of your cluster and discover insights you can act on.
There are situations when you’re trying to solve problems that are unique to you. Our Redshift Experts are on hand to help when you need it most, via a dedicated chat channel.

We’ve seen so many clusters, we’re confident we can solve your problem.

“Your product tells me what I want to know.”

“When & why my queries are stuck in the queue. How much memory they consume. And when & why my disk fills up.”
David Auerbach

Predict future storage needs

With business growth comes data growth. More data leads to more analysis. When joining data sets in Redshift, analysts and algorithms create new, derived data. Which can be an order of magnitude larger than the original source data. Predict future storage needs with our Storage Analytics. Understand data growth rates, and identify opportunities where to save on storage.

DISK UTILIZATION Analyze disk use by node, database, schema and table. Predict storage needs with data growth rates for each individual table.

SCHEMA & TABLE SIZES Identify the top tables by size per schema and database. See all tables which need vacuuming to reclaim and reuse space.

TABLE SORTING Sort all tables by disk utilization and data growth rates. Spot tables with accelerating growth that could fill up your cluster.

VACUUM SCRIPTS Save time by downloading and running custom vacuum scripts. Reduce the storage footprint of your data.

Make every query fast & efficient

Even with the power of a large Redshift cluster, queries can still get slow. Concurrent queries are competing for the same memory resources. When queries are starving for memory, they fall back to disk. Getting concurrency settings right in the WLM is only half the battle. The other half is determining the right memory allocation for your workloads. With our Memory Analytics.

MEMORY STATS Understand what users are running expensive queries that are consuming too much memory.

DISK-BASED QUERIES See which queries are starved for memory and are falling back to disk. Debug the full text query, including the precise amount of memory it uses and the amount of rows the query scanned.

MEMORY DETAILS Drill down into the single, full-text query and its concurrency. See what other queries were running at the same time, competing for memory.

Cut queue wait times for your loads and queries

Throughput Analytics help you discover the Workload Management (WLM) configuration in Redshift. In context with cluster usage, you start understanding where data is not flowing. Maximize cluster throughput by finding the right Workload Management (WLM) configuration in Redshift.

WLM DETAILS Intuitive auto-discovery of WLM queues, user groups, memory and concurrency settings. See all your cluster settings in a single view.

CONCURRENCY ANALYSIS Identify concurrency bottlenecks that slow down your queries. See with time-series data when queries get stuck waiting in the queue.

QUERY GROUP SUMMARY Isolate key queries with automatic grouping. Track their performance over time and identify opportunities to increase query speeds.

Uncover actionable insights

Asking simple questions about your queries and loads shouldn’t be difficult. Which users write the most expensive queries? What’s the average query latency? How much time do queries wait in the queue? Which transformations are too slow or failing? Making sense of thousands of varying data points takes a lot of time and resources. That’s why allows you to group queries and transfers by common traits. To measure performance and find insights you can act on.

LOAD & QUERY ANALYTICS Get times-series reports for your data transfers and queries. With details on transfer rates, counts, queue and execution times.

ADVANCED SEARCH Powerful full-text search capabilities across all queries, data transfers, and user activity. Narrow down your search with filters and complex rules.

TOP LOADS & QUERIES Identify the top tables by size per schema and database. See all tables which need vacuuming to reclaim and reuse space.

QUERY DETAILS Sort all tables by disk utilization and data growth rates. Spot tables with accelerating growth that could fill up your cluster.

Start collaborating and sharing performance insights with your team members.

Sometimes you want to track your key queries. See if there’s a spike in memory usage or if they’re slowing down. Or simply see how your queries are running faster because you’ve tuned your cluster. With Saved Searches, you can do that. 

CUSTOM SEARCHES Save your searches to create personal dashboards relevant to achieving your performance goals.

TIME PICKER Use different time-based views of your performance data to create baselines and benchmarks.

COLLABORATION Share saved searches with your team via unique URLs, e.g. in Slack. Add custom descriptions and tags for better collaboration.

Get immediate help on your most complex Redshift problems

The use cases for Redshift differ from customer to customer. Classic reporting, log analysis, fraud detection, predictive apps – the list is endless. With different use cases come different questions. Problems are sometimes so unique and pressing, they need an immediate answer. Get instant help from our Redshift experts. We’ve seen so many Redshift clusters, we’re confident that we can solve your problem. Plus, we’re drinking our own champaign. Our back-end runs on Redshift, across three continents, with dozens of different clusters and thousands of nodes. And we’re using to to manage

SLACK CHANNEL Get help via a dedicated Slack channel that feels like an extension of your data team. Iterate faster, and get answers on your Redshift configurations.

TRAINING &WORKSHOPS Train your data team on Redshift with our dedicated workshops. With custom drill downs into your data model and workloads.

COMMUNITY Network and exchange with other Redshift users during our frequent on-site and virtual customer events, including once a year during AWS Reinvent.

Stress free security and scalability

Redshift has your “data crown jewels”. We help you to put your data work. Our cloud-based platform doesn’t require planned downtime. We have limitless capacity to store your performance data and make it accessible in real-time. We follow industry-standard protocols for storage, backup, and redundancy.  And we safeguard all information with government-level encryption. Like the Queen’s Guards.

WORLD CLASS SECURITY We protect all information with government-level encryption. Our security program—people, process, and privacy—is designed to protect your cluster .

DATA PRIVACY With our multi-region infrastructure, you can run in a region of your choice, aligned with where your data resides.

DESIGNED FOR DEVELOPERS Our REST APIs make it easy to connect the dots between all the solutions in your ecosystem. We know that because we built our own dashboard on top of our API

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