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Redshift Performance Tuning Techniques: View, Insert, Join, and More

7 min READ
June 26th 2020
Amazon Redshift is billed as “the world’s fastest cloud data warehouse.” But even Ferraris need a tune-up every now and then. Whether you’re experiencing persistent sluggishness or mysterious crashes, Redshift has its share of frustrations and challenges.The good news is that the vast majority of these […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Elastic Node Resizing in Redshift

6 min READ
June 16th 2020
Amazon Redshift is a powerful, feature-rich data warehouse solution that has been acclaimed for its scalability. But while scaling up is a crucial functionality in order to support growing business needs, scaling down is just as important. This is where elastic resizing across node types can help.Redshi […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Query S3 Data from Redshift

4 min READ
May 29th 2020
AWS has bridged the gap between Redshift and S3. In this article, we will show you how to execute SQL queries on CSV files that are stored in S3 using AWS Redshift Spectrum and the EXTERNAL command.This article covers the following topics:What is AWS Spectrum? What is the EXTERNAL command? When to U […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Troubleshooting Data Loading Errors in Amazon Redshift

6 min READ
May 22nd 2020
Amazon Redshift is a feature-rich, enterprise-class data warehouse, but this power and complexity comes at the price of troubleshooting Redshift issues. If you've ever encountered the dreaded "Error occurred while trying to execute a query" message in Redshift, you will understand.Many Redshift administ […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

The rise of data products and what that means for

5 min READ
December 18th 2019
Two years ago we launched a product to manage performance for data warehouses. Today we launched a new product, a new website, and a new mission to help data teams build better data products.Existing users should read this blog post on specific changes and frequently asked questions.We helped yo […]
Paul Lappas Paul Lappas