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Best practices and lessons learned for cloud ETL and data engineering.

What Causes "Serializable Isolation Violation Errors" in Amazon Redshift?

5 min READ
April 10th 2018
As an Amazon Redshift administrator, you may have come across an error in your logs that looks like this: ERROR: 1023 DETAIL: Serializable isolation violation on table – 15464033, transactions forming the cycle are: 44753006, 44753010 (pid:22973) This post will work through how to understand the root cause of these errors and how to fix […]
Stefan Gromoll Stefan Gromoll

Amazon Redshift Spectrum: Diving into the Data Lake!

5 min READ
January 5th 2018
Amazon’s Simple Storage Service S3 has been around since 2006. Enterprises have been pumping their data into this data lake at a furious rate. Within 10 years of its birth, S3 stored over 2 trillion objects, each up to 5 terabytes in size. Enterprises know their data is valuable and worth preserving. But much of this data […]
Lars Kamp Lars Kamp

4 Real World Use Cases for Amazon Redshift

5 min READ
November 11th 2017
Since Amazon Redshift launched in 2013, customer keep asking us  “what are some of the uses cases for Amazon Redshift?”. It’s 2017, and with the four years since launch, that’s a long time in technology. Key things that have changed since then: new Amazon Redshift features: more to do with your data new node types: process […]
Lars Kamp Lars Kamp

World-class Data Engineering with Amazon Redshift - Training

1 min READ
October 26th 2017
Our training classes cover strategies and best practices for designing a data platform using Amazon Redshift. The concepts we cover focus on cluster stability, engineering productivity and query / dashboard speeds. The sessions have hands-on demos and individual coaching, arming you with the right tools and knowledge critical to be more productive with your data. […]
Nikola Sokolov Nikola Sokolov

Apache Spark vs. Amazon Redshift: Which is better for big data?

6 min READ
July 18th 2017
Every day, we talk to companies who are in the early phases of building our their data infrastructure.  A lot of times these conversations circle around which technology to pick for which job. For example, we often get the question “what’s better – Spark or Amazon Redshift?”, or “which one should we be using?”. Spark […]
Lars Kamp Lars Kamp
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