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15 Performance Tuning Techniques for Amazon Redshift

19 min READ
August 27th 2020
Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse that makes it fast, simple and cost-effective to analyze petabytes of data across your data warehouse and data lake. Amazon Redshift can deliver 10x the performance of other data warehouses by using a combination of machine learning, massively parallel processing (MPP), a […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

4 Real World Amazon Redshift Use Cases

5 min READ
August 26th 2020
At, we spend all day helping our customers optimize their performance on Amazon Redshift. We have a front-row view of all the ways that Redshift can be used to help businesses manage their data. Redshift is a versatile product that can help businesses aggregate, store, analyze, and share the […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Amazon Redshift Spectrum: How Does It Enable a Data Lake?

5 min READ
August 21st 2020
S3 (Simple Storage Service) has been around since 2006. Most use this scalable, cloud-based service for archiving and backing up data. Within 10 years of its birth, S3 stored over 2 trillion objects, each up to 5 terabytes in size. Enterprises value their data as something worth preserving. But much of […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

3 Things to Avoid When Setting Up an Amazon Redshift Cluster

4 min READ
August 18th 2020
Amazon Redshift is a petabyte-scale data warehouse that has been widely adopted since its release in October 2012. With Redshift, it's easy to spin up a cluster, pump in data, and begin performing advanced analytics in under an hour.Because it's so easy to start using Redshift, however, data en […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Apache Spark vs. Amazon Redshift: Which is better for big data?

7 min READ
August 11th 2020
Here at, we talk to companies every day who are in the early phases of building out their data infrastructure. A lot of times, these conversations include the topic of which technology to pick for which job. For example, we often get the question “Apache Spark vs. Amazon Redshift: Which one […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe