Start Now Login AMA Session featuring Tony Gibbs and Himanshu Raja from Amazon AWS

Topic: New Amazon Redshift RA3 Node Type and AQUA Architecture

Date And Time: Thu, January 9, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PT

AMA Speakers:
Tony Gibbs, Senior Solutions Architect –
Himanshu Raja, Senior Product Manager at Amazon Redshift –

This AMA session (“Ask Me Anything”) features Tony Gibbs and Himanshu Raja from AWS. Tony and Himanshu will summarize the major Amazon Redshift-related announcements from Reinvent, and be ready to answer all your questions around the new node RA3 node type and the AQUA architecture (“advanced query accelerator”) announced at Reinvent 2019.

We host the session in our community Slack channel with over 500 analytics engineers. Tony and Himanshu will be available via livestream, you can type your questions ahead of time, and during the livestream in Slack. Tony and Himanshu will answer your questions live on the video feed.