Performance Analytics for Amazon Redshift
Amazon Redshift is incredibly powerful. But if you’re a data engineer, you can spend a lot of time fighting fires. We’re fixing that. gives you the tools you need to analyze your Amazon Redshift performance and improve the toolchain of everyone downstream from your data warehouse.
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When it comes to Amazon Redshift, there's an elephant in the room.
Everyone is struggling.
Amazon Redshift has your data crown jewels. But as usage goes up, the red lamps start to flash. Data loads fail, queries hang and dashboards slow down to a crawl.
When something is wrong, as the Data Engineer in charge, you usually find out after the fact. A CloudWatch alert, or an angry Slack message. Someone yelling that they can’t get their queries to run.
Let’s get you the tools to get on top of this.
With the right tools at your disposal you can quickly put out fires and free up time to be more creative with your data. We can get you back in control of your clusters and have your data running fast and smooth.
Run faster queries
Even with the power of a large Amazon Redshift cluster, queries can still get slow. Start to understand where data is stuck, so you can get it flowing again. Our Throughput Analytics help you discover the right Workload Management (WLM) configuration.
Predict data growth
With business growth comes data growth. Analysts and algorithms create new, derived data, which can be much larger than the original source data, and fill up your cluster. Our Storage & Table Analytics give you the power to predict when you will run out of disk space.
Understand user behavior
Making sense of thousands of varying data points takes up a lot of precious time. That’s why we give you the capability to search, group and filter queries by common traits. With our Discover dashboard you can get insight and actionable data from real users and their queries.