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Still using scripts to make critical data engineering decisions? There's a better way. gives you the tools to find and fix the issues impacting data health. Spend less time fighting fires, and more time on getting things done.

Make your data team more productive

Whether you want to spot bottlenecks in your data pipelines, detect troublesome queries, or fix slow analytics, helps you manage and monitor all aspects of complex data platforms. With our cloud-native data collector and unique app tracing technology, we give data engineers the information they need to be successful. All in a single dashboard.

Spot problems before users do

Monitor the performance of entire DAGs and BI dashboards down to the individual query level. Trend storage statistics. Be confident that you are meeting your SLAs to your users.

Measure and trend latency of all queries and entire DAGs.
Monitor behaviour of individual users.
Receive alerts when issues occur that impact performance.
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Have confidence to scale your data volume

Ensure jobs have enough resources to run with maximize efficiency and detect wasteful users and apps. Handle utilization spikes and be confident workloads can scale.

Get more out of storage - remove “cold” tables, optimize schemas.
Detect bottlenecks that cause queries to be slow.
Make sure queries have enough memory to run efficiently.
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Eliminate the fire fighting.

Find the root cause of problems that result in poor performance or wasted resources. No more shifting through logs.

Detect rogue and resource wasting queries and jobs.
See the cost of individual queries and their resource impact
Find out what jobs or users are consuming storage.
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How it works

Start with installing the collector in your Amazon AWS environment. The collector extracts metadata from your data infrastructure and sends it to Strict security measures protect the data you capture with our collector.

Cloud-native collector

An agentless solution that works in serverless environments and runs in your VPC to collect metric data.

App tracing

Query-wrapping technology that traces performance information across your stack, from your orchestration tasks to your dashboard users.


Integrations with common monitoring and alerting platforms to stream custom performance metrics for your workloads.

Make your data team more productive
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