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Built for the enterprise, priced to fit your data volume

We price based on the number of rows you ingest into your data infrastructure every month. There are no limits for how much data you store, how many queries you run, or how many seats you have on our product.


Per month, billed annually

14-day free trial
500M rows/mo included
$150/month per additional 100M rows
Core collection, search and monitoring features
1 month metric retention
Email support
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Per month, billed annually

14-day free trial
500M rows/mo included
$230/month per additional 100M rows
Metric streams, app tracing and integrations
13 months metric retention
Dedicated Slack Channel
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Custom pricing

Flexible POCs and extended trials available
Custom row plans with volume discounts
Dedicated configuration and workflow instrumentation help
Custom retention periods
Bi-weekly video check-ins
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get access to our data infrastructure?
You need to install the collector. The collector runs in your AWS environment and extracts metadata from your data infrastructure and moves it to an S3 bucket which is accessible by then retrieves the data from this S3 bucket to provide the service. You can find the installation guide for the collector with this link:
What type of data you access?
Please see for more information.
How do you handle security and PII?
The collector provides an option to scrub fields that contain SQL text. This is important for some organizations whose privacy policy limits what data can move into 3rd party systems. The scrubber acts by finding and replacing sensitive values. The scrubber can remove string literals, numbers and comments from SQL statements. You can find the security information for the collector with this link:
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