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Boost Your Mode Queries for Faster Performance

Find slow queries and fix them in real time

Boost Your Mode Queries for Faster Performance
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With, Mode users get all the tools they need to optimize their queries running on Amazon Redshift.

Faster Queries query recommendations provide actionable steps for real-time performance upgrades.

Eliminate Fire-Drills

When Redshift is performing, the incessant fire-drills stop. spots issues before they ignite.

Deliver End-User Satisfaction

Stop the guessing with real-time monitoring at the app and user level to detect performance issues and resolve prior to ticket.

See your Mode queries in

The Right Information at Your Fingertips

Move your work forward even when you’re not at your desk. With the Daily Email you can view accurate query and Amazon Redshift performance data from your phone.

Identify Queries Taxing Your Data Warehouse

5% of queries consume 65% of processing bandwidth of Amazon Redshift. Improving the most taxing of your queries creates time savings and global performance improvement for all analysts.

Guided Query Recommendations provides actionable query recommendations that deliver immediate performance improvements. Customers reduce query runtimes from 15+ minutes to less than 30 seconds.

Equip Analysts for Success

When analysts refactor their own queries in near real time, you free them up to do the work they want to do. with query insights adds value across your data team.

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We can see the historic growth of our data down to the schema, with visibility into the quality of our tables. reads like a story of our data infrastructure – I see immediately what’s up.
Sebastian Schleicher

Sebastian Schleicher

VP of Engineering

See your Mode queries in

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Mode Customers receive a complimentary personal set-up so you can be sure to see your data and queries within from day 1 of your 14-day trial.

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