Different verticals,
one common denominator:
the strategic use of data

Fuze improves query performance by 10x

Fuze is a cloud-based communications and collaboration platform provider. Fuze drives workplace transformation for its customers with data from 2.5 million meetings, 20 million calls, and 33 million messages each year.
Tools Used: Amazon Redshift Etleap Dell Boomi Looker
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Postmates saves $10,000 in Amazon Redshift cost by optimizing tables

Postmates is an on-demand delivery platform with operations in 3,500 cities in the US and Mexico. With over 5 Million deliveries each month, Postmates is transforming the way food and merchandise is moved around cities.
Tools Used: Amazon Redshift Airflow mParticle Chartio
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Blinkist doubles query performance

With their mobile apps, Blinkist connects over 10 million readers with the worlds’ best nonfiction books via 15-minute audio and text summaries.
Tools Used: Amazon Redshift AWS Firehose Data Virtuality Segment Matillion Periscope Data
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Potenza eliminates concurrency bottlenecks and shaves 20 minutes off of query latency

Potenza is a digital marketing company with a demand generation platform that serves over 3,000 car dealerships in the US, via a distribution partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting.
Tools Used: Amazon Redshift FlyData Custom App
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Udemy reduces concurrency bottlenecks by 10x

Udemy is the world’s largest online marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting 40 Million students to over 50,000 instructors for life-long learning.
Tools Used: Amazon Redshift Fivetran Apache Airflow Pinball Looker Chartio
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