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Improve Amazon Redshift COPY performance:  Don’t ANALYZE on every COPY

2 min READ
September 22nd 2020
IntroductionAmazon Redshift is an excellent choice for cloud data warehousing—but how do you move your data into Redshift in the first place, so that it can be used for queries and analysis? Redshift users have two main options:Copy the data into Redshift local storage by using the COPY command. […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Amazon Redshift Training: 3 Keys to Building a Stable Data Pipeline

4 min READ
September 10th 2020
From Intermix's Amazon Redshift Training series, learn how to build a stable data pipeline using these three simple steps.IntroductionWhen you’re building or improving your data pipeline, batch data processing seems simple. Pull data from a source, apply some business logic to it, and load it for la […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Serializable Isolation Violation Errors in Amazon Redshift

5 min READ
September 9th 2020
As an Amazon Redshift administrator, you may have come across the serializable isolation violation error in your logs. It looks like this:ERROR: 1023 DETAIL: Serializable isolation violation on table - 15464033, transactions forming the cycle are: 44753006, 44753010 (pid:22973)This post will wo […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

A Quick Guide to Using Short Query Acceleration (SQA) for Faster Queries on Amazon Redshift

4 min READ
September 2nd 2020
In November 2017, AWS introduced Short Query Acceleration (SQA) for Amazon Redshift. The promise of SQA is to speed up the execution of short running queries, with better predictability of query execution times. That, of course, sounds amazing. In this post, we’ll cover what SQA is, SQA best practices, and […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

World-class Data Engineering with Amazon Redshift - Training

1 min READ
September 1st 2020
Our Amazon Redshift training classes cover strategies and best practices for designing a data platform using Amazon Redshift. The concepts we cover focus on cluster stability, engineering productivity, and query/dashboard speeds. The sessions have hands-on demos and individual coaching, arming you with […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe