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Have Your Postgres Cake with Amazon Redshift and eat it, too.

8 min READ
October 15th 2020
At, we use Amazon Redshift as part of our stack. Amazon Redshift is an OLAP database, and a valuable tool for data teams due to its low cost and speed for analytical queries. We have a particular use case though. We’re using Amazon Redshift in an OLTP scenario, i.e. we’ve built an analytical app […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Monitor Your Data Apps with App Tracing

3 min READ
September 30th 2020
Monitoring your data apps with app tracing gives you better control and can help train new hires to use tools. Amazon Redshift training, for example, can become much easier when you use Data Tracing. If you don’t know how monitoring data apps benefit your organization and tools, the following ar […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

Boost your Workload Scalability with Smarter Amazon Redshift WLM Set Up

7 min READ
September 29th 2020
One of the major propositions of Amazon Redshift is simplicity. It only takes minutes to spin up a cluster. The time-to-first-report, i.e. the time it takes to go from creating a cluster to seeing the results of your first query, can be less than 15 minutes. That’s true even for petabyte-scale workloads.[…]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

3 Steps for Fixing Slow Looker Dashboards with Amazon Redshift

7 min READ
September 24th 2020
Looker is a powerful tool for self-service data analytics. A lot of companies use Looker together with Amazon Redshift for powerful business intelligence and insights. By making it easy for users to create custom reports and dashboards, Looker helps companies derive more value from their data.Unfort […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe

The Advantages of (and a little Amazon Redshift training)

4 min READ
September 23rd 2020
To win in today’s market, companies must invest in both their infrastructure and their people. Data-first companies like Netflix, Uber and Tinder are dominating their industries. Mentions of “AI” are often heard in advertisements, product launches, and earnings calls. Businesses are scrambling to re-imagine […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe