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3 Steps to Set up Automatic WLM with Query Priority in Amazon Redshift

4 min READ
September 25th 2019
IntroductionWith the release of Query Priorities and Automatic WLM, the AWS team has given Amazon Redshift administrators a powerful new way to define and prioritize data workloads. Without using Workload Management (WLM), each query gets equal priority. The result is that some workloads may end up usin […]
Stefan Gromoll Stefan Gromoll

Customer Success Story: Fuze improves query performance by 10x

5 min READ
September 23rd 2019
Fuze is a cloud-based communications and collaboration platform provider. Fuze drives workplace transformation for its customers with data from 2.5 million meetings, 20 million calls, and 33 million messages each year.At Fuze, data drives product, finance, sales and support. Our users are blocked if que […]
Lars Kamp Lars Kamp

Is AutoWLM the best choice for your Amazon Redshift cluster?

9 min READ
August 21st 2019
What is Workload Management (WLM)?BackgroundUpdate 09/10/2019: AWS released Priority Queuing this week as part of their Redshift Auto WLM feature. We’re in the process of testing this new feature and will update this post with our results soon.Today’s post is a bit long, but for good reason: the Am […]
Stefan Gromoll Stefan Gromoll

How to Fix Disk-based Queries and High Disk Usage in Amazon Redshift

4 min READ
August 13th 2019
Properly managing storage utilization is critical to performance and optimizing the cost of your Amazon Redshift cluster. We've talked before about how important it is to keep an eye on your disk-based queries, and in this post we'll discuss in more detail the ways in which Amazon Redshift uses the disk […]
Stefan Gromoll Stefan Gromoll

Announcing Cluster Recommendations - Measure & Improve Data SLAs

2 min READ
August 5th 2019
One of the things we hear most often from our customers is that data is becoming more and more critical to their business necessitating Data SLAs.Take for example one customer who builds hardware devices for consumers. They use their Amazon Redshift cluster to monitor and provide support for custome […]
Paul Lappas Paul Lappas
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