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Zero Downtime Elasticsearch Migrations

6 min READ
July 12th 2018
IntroductionAt, Elasticsearch is a final destination for data that is processed through our data pipeline. Data gets loaded from Amazon Redshift into Elasticsearch via an indexing job. Elasticsearch data then gets served to the dashboard to data engineers, giving them a view […]
Stefan Gromoll Stefan Gromoll

Are you paying too much for Amazon Redshift? 4 steps to reduce your costs.

7 min READ
October 14th 0202
Amazon Redshift’s pricing can be a bit confusing, since you can choose to pay hourly based on your node usage (on demand), by the number of bytes scanned (spectrum), by the time spent over your free daily credits (concurrency scaling), or by committing to an annual plan (reserved instance).And as you s […]
Mark Smallcombe Mark Smallcombe