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Apache Spark vs. Amazon Redshift: Which is better for big data?

7 min READ
July 18th 2017
Every day, we talk to companies who are in the early phases of building our their data infrastructure.  A lot of times these conversations circle around which technology to pick for which job. For example, we often get the question "what's better - Spark or Amazon Redshift?", or "which one should w […]
Lars Kamp Lars Kamp

3 Things to Avoid When Setting Up an Amazon Redshift Cluster

4 min READ
February 2nd 2016
Amazon Redshift is a petabyte-scale data warehouse. Since its launch in 2012, it has seen huge adoption. It's easy to spin up a cluster, pump in data and begin performing advanced analytics in under an hour. Products like Fivetran are very powerful in that context. Fivetran replicates data from business […]
Lars Kamp Lars Kamp
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