How Clearbit Built Their Data Pipeline with Amazon Redshift


Clearbit was a rapidly growing, early-stage startup when it started thinking of expanding its data infrastructure and analytics. After trying out a few out-of-the-box analytics tools (and each of them failed to satisfy the company’s demands) they took building the infrastructure in their own hands. Their efforts converged into a trio of providers: Segment, Redshift, and Mode. Segment is responsible for ingesting all kind of data, combining it, and syncing it daily into a Redshift instance. The main data storage is obviously left to Redshift, with backups into AWS S3. Finally, since Redshift supports SQL, Mode is a perfectly fitted tool which is used to running queries (while using Redshift’s powerful data processing abilities) and creating data insights.

Clearbit data infrastructure

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Mike Pavloski

Mike Pavloski

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