Unmask End-Users

intermix.io unmasks the identity of end-users and models that connect to your data warehouse so you can drill down into individual users and workflows.

Historical Trends

intermix.io automatically captures and stores metadata on jobs, tables, and users, so you can find exactly what you're looking for at any time in the past, without sacrificing granularity.

Cost Management

Drill-down into Spectrum query costs in aggregate and at query level. Reduce data storage by finding stale tables. Eliminate unused models and workloads that aren’t used any more.

How does intermix.io complement the AWS Console and Admin Scripts?

intermix.io makes it possible to make informed decisions to scale the cluster efficiently, and truly understand the end-user experience.

For DBAs

Warehouse administration and tuning.

Monitoring tools like Datadog and New Relic pull AWS Redshift CloudWatch metrics for infrastructure monitoring (CPU utilization, disk usage, database connections). AWS Redshift admin scripts to vacuum tables, find the right sort and dist keys, and more.

  • Manage cluster uptime
  • Fix performance degradations
  • Create alerts

Best for short term, trouble-shooting work to ensure uninterrupted access to data.

For Data Teams

Build superior data products.

We understand the modern analytics stack and built integrations that go beyond cluster metrics. Get your entire team on the same page with a single view into how your data products are used, how they perform, and what they are costing your business.

  • Understand user behavior
  • Plan out resources
  • Manage (query) costs

Best for long-term, strategic work to grow the top line with data products.

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