Data Is Now
Your Most Valuable Asset

Companies without fast, seamless and easy access to data will suffer.
Our products make sure you’re not that company.

So what is is a performance monitoring solution that empowers data teams to find and solve problems with their cloud warehouses before those problems turn into fire drills.

It’s one integrated platform, built for the cloud, with a single view of every tool, user and query that touches the data in your cloud warehouse.

Our SaaS platform improves the lives of data teams because they spend less time fixing ETL pipelines and bad SQL queries, and more time doing what they really want: empowering people with data-driven experiences so they can make the best business decisions with the right data.

No more angry Slack messages, no more guessing what just happened, and no more overspending.

“Your product has been a life saver for us”

Aaron Biller

We’re More Than a Team,
We’ve Got Your Back

We believe in using the same products and technologies as our customers. We think that’s the only way we can build world-class software for our customers.

So when we say “we walk the talk”, we mean it. Our stack includes Amazon S3, Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Redshift Spectrum, Airflow, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Amazon RDS, Kibana and Looker. And we “drink our own Champagne” as they say – we use to monitor

Our Customers High-Five us on Slack 24/7

Sometimes you’ll be under real pressure when you’re trying to solve problems that are unique to you. Our Data Experts are on hand to help you when you need it most. You’ll have access to us through a dedicated Slack channel. We’ve seen so many hairballs, we are confident that we can solve your problem.

Where You’ll Find Us

You’ll find our office in the heart of China Town in San Francisco, you’ll find our team all across the globe. We embrace inclusivity, diversity and work-life balance; vacation is really a vacation.

We love data, we use it and we credit the data as key to our growth and continued vigor to pursue our mission.

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