About us
Meet the founders who are going to be looking after you...
David Steinhoff
Database inventor
As one of the original creators of the technology behind Redshift I’m in a unique position to build this missing piece of the puzzle. I was a Founder and the Chief Architect at ParAccel. Amazon acquired our technology as the foundation for Redshift. I love to help you move your data faster, so I’m the author of multiple patents on enhancing data throughput for data warehouses. I like playing pool and inventing databases. In that order.
Paul Lappas
Our man in the cloud
I hold multiple patents for cloud computing and performance analytics and I’m a member of the AWS Customer Advisory Board (I pretty much live and breathe to help you solve this type of problem). I co-founded GoGrid, one of the early cloud computing companies. And the first with a dashboard that made cloud servers understandable for humans. We grew the business from scratch to over $50M ARR. I originally immigrated to the US at the age of two. Growing up, I worked the kitchen in my parents Greek deli in New Jersey and still love to cook today. On a Saturday you might spot me at North Beach in San Francisco, scouring the local delis and farmers markets for fresh ingredients.
Lars Kamp
Making the complex simple
I’m probably best known for leading the effort to form Accenture Digital. That was all about helping companies address the shift to cloud and mobile computing. It included investments into assets which are now the foundation for the Accenture AWS (Amazon Web Services) Business Group. I originally found my way to the US from Germany, as an exchange student in mile-high Bend, Oregon. Making the complex simple is really what I do. At I love to connect with new customers and act as a bridge between your technical challenges and our solutions. In my free time you’ll find me skiing the Sierra Nevada with my family. And occasionally smoking my own salmon in our backyard.